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Gathering Good Thoughts....

And well wishes that we get this second farm that made an offer on!!! It will be a sweet space in which to fulfill all of my homesteading plans and dreams. OK yes we got delayed in our closing a bit because guess what? The surveyor has to scale cliffs and actually do a bit of mountain climbing to complete an accurate survey! You would think it might be a "drone only" survey but whatever! I guess the drones can bomb a location, but cant drive stakes with pink flags onto the property corners! Useless to me! Lol!

So the closing should be early December if we are lucky! I don't know if I can get moved in before the snow but we will see. In the meantime, we are busy finishing the kitchen and second bathroom in the Pittsburgh remodel, repairing the Florida rentals as usual, replacing a floor in the Smoky Mountain log cabin, repairing plumbing and heating problems in New Jersey, preparing for Thanksgiving, and preparing for whatever comes our way!

The farm will be a perfect place to practice and implement some sustainable off the grid practices. First and foremost I am very excited to establish a well stocked pantry and as such we have been learning a ton about shelf lives and food storage. We bought one of those vacuum sealers to save more food. I was amazed to find out how many foods come in a freeze dried or powdered form! Also I learned a lot about water storage although we wont have to worry so much about that. The property comes with a well and we can have a hand pump installed so we can always pump water if the power goes out! Other advantages of the property are a new gorgeous chicken coop, a large fenced in garden area, and an old falling down barn (every new Homesteader needs one of those)!! But the very best part and the part that I am MOST excited about is that half of the farmhouse is extra unfinished space which makes it perfect for an indoor greenhouse! I am already making lists for this project including grow lights etc., so we can start planting right away!

You do realize that the "Dream" phase of any project is always the fun part. You can check in with me once the "Real" fun begins aka WORK, and I will let you know how its going! Ha! Ha! Here is my favorite book of all time about planning your dream homestead:

I really should have been born in the 1950s! Love to all until next time xoxoxox Julia

PS I might have to change the name of this farm to Honeybee Homestead. Its not really a meadow at all, rather its a MOUNTAIN!!!!

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