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Land Hoe!!!!!

Life can deal great disappointments at times. If you don't get what you want initially, I highly recommend that you hang in there because something even better is right around the corner! I am a strong believer in "If it is meant to be it will be". We must sometimes endure many twists and turns on our way to a goal and this is when perseverance and strength of character reveal themselves.

Such was my experience with the search for the perfect piece of land in North Carolina upon which to play out my dream. I thought we had the perfect farm and so we placed a bid with high hopes. Unfortunately, there were three competing bids and we lost out to a higher bidder. Just when the shadow of disappointment was beginning to envelop me, I found a very similar but even better farm to bid on! The offer was accepted! So now there will be many hurdles to get over before finally owning the farm and starting my Big Dream. Please stay tuned for more details as the dream of a farm hopefully becomes a reality! Love y'all and thank you for reading!

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