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Pet Cemeteries and other spiritual matters...

Hi nature lovers! Earlier I mentioned that Maple Hill Farm was like other farms with both pets and farm animals as residents. Sometimes the lines became blurred such as when my 800 pound baby bull "Phineas" jumped out of the pasture into the farmhouse backyard with my B&B guests! When you are entrusted with the care of such magnificent farm animals you just might find yourself chasing pigs out of the goat pen or running after Phineas at 1 in the morning! Let me see if I can post a picture of my cow Bella and Phineas her bull calf.

Phineas was newborn in this photo :) Farm life is not all cuddly all the time, and to my horror, Phineas contracted tetanus during his castration procedure leading to a premature death. I cried for 2 weeks! Here is his headstone at his grave in the Pet Cemetery. I am big on memorials and remembrances for my beloved pets.

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