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Sweetness with a Sting!

That describes a honeybee exactly. They may be busy drinking sweet nectar and pollinating flowers but they will let you know if you misbehave near them with a strong sting if you are not careful! Honeybees are the main attraction in a meadow of wildflowers and without them we could not eat, we could not live. I would like to say a quiet thank you to all these busy bees who sustain our gardens and enjoy their beauty and industry any time they are around.

So what is the purpose of this blog other than adoring honeybees? I am starting a new sustainable organic farm! To those who supported me at Maple Hill Farm, you all are the reason we reached 5 stars on Trip Advisor and I could never have done it without you. Creating beautiful spaces in which to grow things was an extremely rewarding experience for me at a difficult time in my life and again many many heartfelt thanks to all. I also thank the many wonderful guests that visited our farm without whom the farm could not have existed. To all those who believed in me I will be forever grateful. To all of the animals who sustained the farm, I hope you felt how much I loved caring for each of you. All of the spirits involved are still with me in my memories as a dream come true. It is only because of this experience with the land on such a visceral level that I hold tight to making this dream come true for a second time.

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