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Forest Foraging Follies

Hello fellow sweet bees! Long time no buzzing lol! Phew! Getting a Homestead up and running isn't for the weak or weary that's for sure! That plus the world spinning out of control...rising costs of building materials, etc etc. I know, I know I'm preaching to the choir as we are all in this together! I want to take a moment to send much love and light to all those who may be suffering in this moment. It will pass! We will endure and Honeybee Homestead will become a safe haven tucked in the Smoky Mountains far away from worries and concerns.

So I had the opportunity to attend a Heritage Life Skills workshop here in the mountains. I learned an awful lot about Breadmaking, Canning, Cast Iron Dutch Oven Cooking, Medicinal Herbology, and Beekeeping. So that event was super cool and I will most certainly go again next year!

We are in the midst of a gorgeous summer here in the mountains full of wild flowers and blackberries. I'm finding myself snapping pictures on an app to identify everything and it's addictive! There is so much here to eat in the forest I barely need a garden! I even found a walnut tree!

My book budget has more or less exploded due to my lack of control over Homesteading interests! But here is a really neat book that I've been using and it has beautiful clear photos of wild edible plants.

Mother Nature, thank you for so many blessings. Thanks to you I will never go hungry 🌳🌳🌳🌝🌻🌼🌸🌺

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