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These Mountains are SMOKIN!!!

Hey everyone Merry Christmas and all the other wonderful winter religious celebrations of love and light! Happy New Year one and all! I am very excited to let you know that WE BOUGHT A HOMESTEAD!!! This is probably the best Christmas present a person can get :) Here are some pictures I hope you will enjoy seeing:

We were able to load up the pantry and even cook a few meals! We checked local antique stores and consignment shops and found a nice kitchen table and chairs with sweet cushions! I have my eye on some items I would love but it is best to wait, spend a little time in your space and allow your ideas to flourish, then furnish as needed. I have two principals guiding my buying decisions: try to buy really high quality pieces made of solid wood, leather, and other natural materials, and also do not crowd the space! Will you think me crazy if I reveal that I believe spaces have different energies? I am sure that I love this property because I love the way the energy flows - the house is built into the mountain behind, and opens up front to a deep valley and views of mountains. The Feng Shui is perfect!

So here I go off on my adventure living more simply and sustainably. There is much much more to come and I appreciate your reading this far. Just knowing you are there gives me such a creative forum in which to express all of my dreams! May the Spirit of the Season wrap you and yours with warmth, love, light, and merriment! Love, Julie

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